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Playhouse built in the park of a manor house in Ångermanland in the end of the nineteen century.             Two small brothers, 8 and 10 years old, built by themselves in 1887 this playhouse in Norrbotten 1887. Photo 1981.

Photo Eva Löf 2005.              Lekstugearkivet nr 105.

Playhouse built in 1914 at a factory called Ängsfors Snickerifabrikers AB in Småland. Photo 1990.             Playhouse built in Värmland in 1920. Photo 1969.

Lekstugearkivet nr 201.         Lekstugearkivet nr 159.

Playhouse in Uppland rebuilt in 1923 from an shed earlier used for keeping rabbits.             Playhouse built in Sörmland in 1961. It´s an exact copy of the owners childhood playhouse built around 1920 in Småland.

Lekstugearkivet nr 43.          Lekstugearkivet nr 195.

Playhouse built by a little girl outdoors on the ground. Västergötland around 1930/1940.             Playhouse in a suburb of Stockholm made by an old oak barrel for wine.

Lekstugearkivet nr 26.          Photo Veronica Ekberg 2004.

     PLAYHOUSES - children's play and families'
     enjoyment in Swedish gardens

     Translated text from the back cover of the book:

     Here we meet today grown ups with childhood playhouses
     of their own telling us stories and memories from old time
     playing and family entertainments in and around children's
     playhouses from the 1880th to the 1990th.
           Eva Löf has a BA degree in Humanities from the university
     of Stockholm as well as her own experiences of childhood
     playhouses. Eva has gathered materials such as pictures of
     playhouses and written stories from women in all parts of
     Sweden. The stories tell us about memories and events from
     happy years as owners of beloved garden playhouses. In the
     book we will be acquainted with exquisite and well equipped
     child sized buildings in parks of manor houses, old time timber
     playhouses with wooden roofs on homesteads and a great
     number of playhouses with porches on their gables, but of
     course we will also meet some playhouses which the girls
     themselves built outdoors and small rebuilt houses which the
     grown ups earlier used for sheltering hens, rabbits etc.
           In the introduction of the book we will read about the
     traditional customs of building children's playhouses in Sweden.
     The book touches our inner feelings and awakes long forgotten
     memories regardless we once had a playhouse of your own
     or not.

     Published by Carlsson Bokförlag, Stockholm 2004.
     Backgroundphoto and layout Bo Herlin.

     The children's playhouse on the book cover belongs to the author.
     Photo: Eva Löf 1976.


The royal children's »second« playhouse at the summer castle Sofiero in Skåne around 1920.             A two storey playhouse in the park of a manor house in Sörmland built by carpenters in the nineteen tenth.

Photo Erik Löf 2004.               Photo Erik Löf 2002.

Playhouse from a homestead in Härjedalen around 1890. Today the playhouse can be seen at Skansen - an openair museum in Stockholm.             Playhouse built in Medelpad in 1889. A verandah was added in 1939

Photo Eva Löf 1990.               Lekstugearkivet nr 232.

Playhouse in a suburb south of Stockholm.                        Playhouse built in Halland in 1986. Photo 1990.

Photo Veronica Ekberg 2004.    Lekstugearkivet nr 166.

Playhouse built in Småland around 1989.             Playhouse bought from a department store. Östergötland around 1940.

Lekstugearkivet nr 82.           Lekstugearkivet nr 170.